This page includes musical collaborations and other music interests. I’ve collected many of my songs on this YouTube playlist.

Two Sides

I started these words and basic chords in the ’90s and finished them in 2009. Larry Magee improved the melody and produced the music; Alex B. Smith did an amazing job with the vocals. Click here for the lyric video.

Your Beautiful Eyes

Another song produced by Larry Magee and performed by Alex B. Smith. Again, I wrote this song mostly on the road in the early 2000’s, and the final few lines snapped into place probably around 2008, when I was driving a couple of times a week to Mount Laurel, NJ.

The Dingles

The Dingles are a talented group of friends who played at events at our office in Manalapan, NJ. I wasn’t a part of this group, and have no discernible musical abilities, but in 2020 the Dingles re-formed to record a parody of City of New Orleans that I had written before we closed down the office in the late nineties. The collaboration continues.

  • The Dingles
  • City of New Orleans
    • Our cover of the Steve Goodman song – we did the music for our parody version, and then recorded the original words.
  • Love’s Revolving Door
    • I started writing these words while watching Brandi Carlile, and had them finished by next morning. Steve Grandinetti wrote the tune.

Doug Clark

I started writing with Doug in the mid-90’s, after being introduced by Keith McConnell. I wrote words, and Doug wrote the music and performed the songs, with help from Keith and others.

You can find these songs under the name Douglas Clark on most streaming services, and on this YouTube playlist.

  • Heading Home to You
  • Love That You Know
  • That’s Who I Am
  • Golden Wedding

We had a publishing company, Glass Bottom Music, for a few years, and you can find this and Doug’s studio work, including many productions with and for other artists, at:

Leonard Cohen

My earliest and continuing influence! Sadly no longer with us, but we were privileged to see some outstanding concerts in the last few years of his life.

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