People & Places

Truro School 1973
Provided by Nigel Knee

Truro School 1969
Provided by Nigel Knee

Jem Phillips and I developed and printed some of these pictures in a darkroom under the stairs in the old Science block.

Chris (Jess) James & Andy Trelawny
We kept mice (Eena & George) in this old caravan next to Epworth. Entrance was through the opposite-side window.
Andy Trelawny & Jess James
Rob King
Rob Riddle, Rob King & Neil Morgan
with Rob’s 1100 Vanden Plas
Jem Phillips
My room in Trennick in 1974.
The ship’s wheel picture on the wall is below.
Longships Lighthouse from Land’s End.
I won this in a running race in St. Levan when I was 9. OK: in 1965.
It used to be a nice orange sunset.
Ten Tors Training Hike
Mike Rees, Rob Bruce, Sam Smith, Jem Treadwell
Pictures from Dudley Lidiard
The top picture is an igloo built on the U15 Rugby pitch.
Dudley is on the left in the bottom picture.
Southwark, August 2002
Dave, Rob, Jem, Ravi, Penny, Dave, Mike.

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