These pages contain cuttings from the UK music press that I collected quite a few years ago—mostly during the seventies. For now the pages contain cuttings in random order, and without any context, although I can probably do a better job when I have a bit more time.

NOTE: All these are scanned images, and in some cases your browser may scale them down to fit your screen area. If so, you may not be able to read them, but if you zoom them to 100% (or higher!) they should be fine. The "Page" view contains multiple scraps, and will require horizontal and vertical scrolling, but you can click the individual "Scrap" links to view each cutting individually.

For some of the later articles, though, I've had to scan them in pieces and stitch them together.  In these cases, your browser will probably just show them full-size, and you'll have to scroll around.

This is something I've been meaning to do for years, and Eve T. started me off when I met her at the post-Beacon session, and she asked me to scan a magazine article for her. Some of these articles are also posted in text form on Jarkko's site - look for the "Articles and Interviews" link on the left, then find the "Back To The Seventies" area.

August 9th: I've finished scanning all the articles - including a 90's-vintage article in the NY Times, and two more concert programs that I think are both from 1976 - I'm a bit hazy on the timing of these, and I may have the two programs the wrong way round, but I'm pretty sure I saw him in the Free Trade Hall in Manchester, and then again in London when I discovered at the last minute that he was playing in the Young Vic.

August 16th: And I've now added the last items: Recordings of two 1974 radio interviews.  Both of these were recorded with a radio/cassette recorder; neither is great quality! I don't know if either of these is available anywhere else.

Also, take a look at DrHGuy's great Heck of a Guy site - he's added a nice intro to this site here.

Jem Treadwell, August 16th, 2009